Adding a feature to the Hakaru language

To add a feature to the Hakaru language you must

TODO: We give an example of what this looks like by adding double to the language.

Documenting a Hakaru Feature

If you add a new feature to Hakaru, you should write accompanying documentation so that others can learn how to use it. The Hakaru documentation is written using MkDocs, which uses MarkDown to format source files. In order to download MkDocs, it is recommended that you use the Python package manager pip. The pip package manager is bundled with Python starting in versions 2.7.9 and 3.4, so it will be installed alongside Python. If you are using an earlier version of Python, you will need to install pip manually.

Once you have installed pip, you can download the required packages for the Hakaru documentation:

pip install mkdocs
pip install python-markdown-math
pip install mkdocs-extensions
pip install mkdocs-bootswatch